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us. it is a good weekend to stay with us. there have been some developments on the race for president. even democrats acknowledge that president obama is vulnerable in this economy. but in the republican circles,
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there is a nagging question. who can best beat president obama? >> as the republican presidential lineup takes shape there's a common theme disappointment. >> i think these are very weak front runners. rick perry is not prepared for the pressure of the presidential stage yet. >> rate. entered florida's straw poll heavily favored and with a texas-style and swagger. he left humiliated and humbled a distant second to herman cain. >> there may be smoother debater, but i know what i believe in. and i will stand on that belief. >> nitsch your honor, the early front-runner, took third place struggling to muster the enthusiasm of gop voters. >> there are a lot of people who want the perfect candidate the canada to that will sweep them off their feed. right now, they do not see that
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candidate. >> that is something that is not missed by snl. >> rick perry may not be the perfect candidate but he is perfect compared to the other candidates. >> the republican array is so letintent after the. implosion -- after the perry &. >> use still say categorically not running. >> i am not running. i do not know how to put it. the answer is no. >> thank you for that. i spoke about this with our guests from politico. talk to me about the florida
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results. >> it was a surprise. you had herman cain, a well- known executive who beat rick. -- rick perry. perry pretty much bombed. it was a strong rebuke to perry and a warning for his campaign. >> you can find all kinds of memos circulating internally on politico. one writer said that mitt romney was the real loser in florida. mitt romney has a 100% name recognition in fort appeared he spent a lot of time and money there and still came in third. >> i do not know if it is a death knell. but it is a signal that it will be a long and drawn-out campaign potentially between met ronnie, -- between mitt romney and rick perry.
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we are looking at a long and drawn-out campaign between these two men. >> in michigan, where he is well known, he did quite well. mitt romney did well in michigan. but again, rick perry a distant second. >> i think we are seeing some weaknesses of the last two weeks where this has played out. he is not the strongest debater which he has acknowledged. there are some issues in a book that he wrote that has provided material for mitt romney to attack him on. he sees them as unelectable and someone who cannot be barack obama in the general election. you will see rick perry come out and attacked mr. romney has not a true conservative and somebody that republican
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frontrunners cannot support. >> there is question whether the governor of new jersey chris christie will run. he seemed a little frustrated with that speculation. it is almost as if it will weaken the whole ticket. >> this has been going on for months. he said fairly definitively that he is not -- >> [unintelligible] >> it is still as definitive as you can be and still there are people out there who say so. >> there have been people who are emphatic. >> now there is desire for him to jump in. but it is still very doubtful. >> thank you for briefings. >> in the meantime, a public meeting will be held this week to discuss installing surveillance cameras inside fairfax county public schools. the proposal came out after a four food fights broke out.
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right now, there is a ban inside schools, but at least two schools school principals would like to change the policy. it is being held at mayfield secondary school in the media center. and two new andy warhol exhibits are being presented on the national mall. it is the use of headlines throughout his career. the next one will do abstract champagnes. michele bock man is supposed to make a major appearance this week in virginia. we will have a preview. a local high school student has become a youtube sensation. how the banana man stirred
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and atms in the dc area. one near you. [ all ] what's in your wallet? michelle bachman will make a highly anticipated appearance in lynchburg this week. the visits by presidential contenders are not uncommon at liberty. it is the second biggest university in the world. president obama will give his third address aimed at students and parents beginning the school year. he will make his remarks at 1:30 p.m. in northwest d.c. tamara the indian 11 will be --
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tomorrow, the indiana governor will be talking about his book at 6:30 p.m. at the national press club. tomorrow night it's a big night for the redskins. they had to dallas to take on their division rivals the cowboys. they will be in st. louis for 1:00 p.m. game against the rams on sunday. for d.c. united, they face philadelphia union in the city of brotherly love. he is called banana man and he is headed back to stanford county high's " margaret he ran onto a football field in has been and a costume. he faced severe consequences from school administrators. >> banana man is free. >> for a while, people would ride it on their cars. i had a lot of support. >> after serving five days of a
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10-day suspension, he made his way back to school on monday. >> they tried to use me as an example. >> the high school threatened to expel thompson for his disruptive behavior. >> people get expelled from school for fights and drugs. what i did was not along those lines at all. >> the move seemed to be added to some students and parents. more than 1000 people came to his aid with a little free speech. t-shirts were soon to follow, along with signs posted around the school. thomas's mother says that her son deserves to be punished, but would not stand for her son being expelled over a prank. -- over a harmless prank. >> i would not see him put out of school for something like that. >> the school pulled back on its punishment. as long as he saves and the banana does not make any uninvited appearances.
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he likes to make music and videos. he said to not be surprised if banana man shows up again, this time only on the internet. the video on youtube of him from last weekend's football game already has more than 50,000 hits. >> you have to lebanon a man. basic robles, these social networking -- facebook ribault [ male announcer ] washington, d.c. a landmark of liberty and opportunity. at bank of america, we live and work here with thousands of employees and hundreds of branches and atms. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion... from suppog rting the arts and howard university to helping revitalize anacostia and downtown d.c. because when you're giving lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. ♪ ♪
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lady gaga was that the fund raiser for president obama. he did not acknowledge her presence even though she was right and center. we have a little bit of patchy fog outside. there may be a few delays. we have seen with the fog can godo over the last couple of days.
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a few areas of drizzle and showers off to the west. it has now cleared up nicely. 68 degrees for the dewpoint level. the wind is out of the south that 3 m.p.h. just a touch of rayner earlier today, a few sprinkles in silver spring. the clouds stuck around. look at the dulles, 69 degrees at this hour. if we can hold that temperature for another eight minutes, today will go down as a record high minimum temperature. there are no actual record high temperatures which would be well into the 90's. manassas is under two miles per hour low visibility for the local
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airport. you can expect that to change for the next few hours. adam will be your early tomorrow morning. temperatures are cooler across the upper midwest. chicago is in the mid-50's. the area of low pressure will spend and spend convention making its way across the edge atlantic. this is acting as a blocking mechanism. that is while of the smallest share is pulling a from the gulf. -- that is why all of this moisture is pulling up from the gulf. this is what it looks like. we see a glimmer of sunshine midday tomorrow. that would be a welcome change. but the clouds will quickly fill in from behind. there will be a better chance for showers and a few thunderstorms west of d.c. late tuesday afternoon and into tuesday evening. it is worth watching over the next day or so. mostly cloudy tonight.
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areas of fog may cause some delays tomorrow morning. daytime highs tomorrow will be around 80 degrees with a chance for showers only around 30%. this is a welcome change on the way by saturday and sunday. it is never too early to look ahead. temperatures in the mid-60's. nighttime lows in the 40's. we may even see a little bit of frost in the mountains. >> keep your jackets ready. anytime you change facebook, it prompts outcries. the latest changes
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facebook unveiled a massive overhaul. the company founder says the changes could make the social networking site an even bigger destination appeared not everyone is sold.
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>> this week, facebook made numerous changes to its web site. you will notice them as soon as you log in and. >> i think they're pretty ridiculous. >> it is a lot harder now. >> computer users at this coffeeshops in dupont circle are not happy with the new facebook changes. >> time line is the story of your life. it has three pieces. all your stories, all your apps and a new way to express to your. >> it is like an online scrapbook, with a large picture your profile, and other voters and status updates and pabst. >> the buttons are not clear and they hit a lot of different things on it. so you cannot see how to upgrade or update or change anything. >> i like the feel of the harder
11:59 pm
for people who joined. >> you and your facebook friends can listen to music together on a dozen different music streaming services. you can share movies games, and news stories. some wonder if sharing is not a giant and viral marketing. >> i just need to know for it is all going. >> to much information? >> wait too much information. >> facebook is getting a lot of competition from other social networks and it has to change to keep up. >>

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